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iPhone 3G Review, Gripes and Praise: Part I
We go into great detail about what is good - and what is not so good - about the iPhone 3G.

Xbox Live Arcade 2008 Preview: Part I
We take a look at some of the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade games in this extensive preview.
Resident Evil 5 Preview
The upcoming installment in the popular survival horror series is making a big splash in the gaming community. What’s the deal? We investigate.
Windows XP and Vista b5270 Side-by-Side
BentUser does a side-by-side comparison of some of the new features in Windows Vista with the corresponding ones in XP. What has changed? Read on to find out.
Sharp XR-10X LCD Projector Review
Bigger and thinner is the current trend in displays and what could be bigger or thinner than a front projector? This week we take a long look at an affordable, versatile projector from Sharp.
Microsoft BOB Review
We take a look at Microsoft's famously awful Windows alternate shell. Was it really as bad as all that? We find out.
Logitech V200 Wireless Notebook Mouse
Touchpads suck. Trackpoints suck only slightly less. The problem is that a fair portion of us are using, living with, and traveling with laptops on a daily basis. What’s the cure? How’s a cheap, portable, wireless mouse sound? Journey with me as we explore the latest from Logitech.
.NET 2.0 vs. Java 1.5 Shootout
Microsoft .NET and Sun Microsystems Java represent one of the most bitter rivalries in all of computer technology. We determine which is faster in a detailed performance comparison.
Microsoft Windows Vista Build 5231 Indepth Look - Part 2
Time to explore the inner workings of Windows Vista. Here we'll take a look at controls, application compatibility, performance, and a few under-the-hood details.
Microsoft Windows Vista Build 5231 Indepth Look - Part I
Microsoft has promised the world a new iteration of Windows by the end of 2006 and christened it Vista. But can they deliver? We take a look at the latest build of Vista, breaking down what's there, what need's to be, and how well it all works.
Comprehensive Tablet PC Review with the HP tc1100
Microsoft's Tablet PC platform has been on the market for some time, but is only now starting to gain traction. BentUser takes an in-depth look at the platform and how well it works using the HP tc1100.
Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Review
Virtual Server has been in development for some time and promises to greatly simplify the data center, while minimizing the performance penalty of virtualization as much as possible. We take an in-depth look.
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad T43 Review
The IBM/Lenovo T43 is the alpha and the omega in the world of business notebooks. Combining compact dimensions, powerful specifications and an easy to manage weight, the T series from IBM has earned its place in the briefcase of more CEOs than any other computer in history. Here we review the latest (perhaps last?) in the line, the T43.
Windows OneCare Live Preview
Microsoft promises improved security for Windows with its new pro-active security software - Windows OneCare. We take an in-depth look at OneCare, its features, and most importantly, a first look at its abilities to stop spyware, malware and viruses.
OpenOffice 2.0 Writer Beta Preview
With the first beta of OpenOffice 2.0, the open source folks have taken a mighty swing at Microsoft's bottom line. Each of the applications that make up the OpenOffice suite have seen significant improvements to features, looks and actual use, but will it be enough to tempt a large number of people away from the comforting clutches of Office? In part one let's see how Writer fairs.
Windows Mobile 5.0 Preview
Windows Mobile 2003 has become the leading mobile OS and with the upcoming 5.0 release, Microsoft promises many new features and improvements. How do things stack up?
Battle of the Betas: IE7 vs. Firefox 1.5
It has been a long while, in fact, some thought it might never happen, but Microsoft has decided to bless those of us with XP (validated, with service pack 2) with a new incarnation of Internet Explorer. Just to spice things up, the Firefox team just released a beta of their own. Let’s get a preview of the battle to come.
Unicomp Customizer 101 Keyboard Review
My god, it’s full of … switches … That’s right folks, a brand new keyboard with the classic feel of an IBM keyboard. And for good reason, it is one. If you value your input devices, have any sense, or are just an old cranky burnout, then this is the keyboard for you.
Dell UltraSharp 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor - 2405FPW Review
When Dell enters the large format, widescreen monitor business things get interesting.
Yahoo! Music Engine First Look
Yahoo has taken aim at the grand-daddy of the online music distribution business, Apple and its iTunes music store. So what? They’re hardly the first to try. But if the Yahoo! Music Engine (hereafter known as YME, why can’t companies come up with good names?) is a success you may never buy music again.
TopDesk Review
Jealous of all those cool little interface tricks that your Mac friends (who am I kidding, your Mac friend, wait, ok, that Mac freak you once met and now avoid) get to play with? Well today (which ever today it happens to be) is your lucky day! A little company has brought a product to market that pulls off much of Apple’s Expose coolness on your plain-jane Windows box.
Customer Service?
One man’s struggle against the incompetence and indifference in the customer service departments of two of America’s biggest firms, Microsoft and UPS.
The Fallout from Sony’s E3 Press Conference
Sony has announced a very expensive PlayStation 3. Will history repeat itself, and crown a new console champion?
DRM Hell
The rise of digital content is a good thing. But the rise of digital rights management is definitely less popular among end users. We take a look at the future of DRM in the next wave of operating systems, particularly Windows Vista.
Xbox 360 Launch
So I didn’t get my Xbox360. Am I bitter? Yes! Do I blame Bill and his cronies over at Microsoft? Once again, an emphatic yes **** it! Want to share/revel in my pain? Go ahead and read on.
Office 12 Screenshot Gallery
Office has always had a pleasantly utilitarian top-level interface, but Office 12 succeeds in making Office "pretty." We take a look at this unexpected phenomenon.
Apple Thinks Same, Goes Intel
Time to jump on the bandwagon and bring up the granddaddy of all debates, why has Apple finally decided to go Intel?
Why Google is Being Sued by Publishers
Google Print has been the target of several high-profile law suits in recent weeks. We take a look at exactly what Google has done to land themselves in court and what the competition is doing about it.


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